Revision of Fees for testing of samples

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Revision of Fees for testing of samples under Textile Physics, Textile Chemistry, Knitting &Weaving and Medical Textiles

As mills are aware, SITRA has the practice of revising the testing charges once every two years, and the last revision was carried out in March 2019. The next revision, which was due in 2021, was not effected by SITRA considering the pandemic situation.

However, with the cost of inputs in terms of wages, power, chemicals, consumables, maintenance, etc., having increased significantly, especially in case of Knitting, Weaving and Chemical testing, it has become imperative now to revise the charges.

A comprehensive schedule of the revised testing charges for each division is given in the below link.

CoE Biotech Testing           CoE Physical Testing           Physical Testing           Chemical Testing          Knitting Testing

The revision will come into effect for all test samples received from 1st May, 2022.

We look forward to the continued cooperation of mills in utilizing SITRA’s testing services.

Director, SITRA