Weaving & Knitting Division

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Weaving Division

The Weaving Division offers the following services:

  • Weavers training programme in shuttleless looms.
  • Maintenance training programme for fitters in shuttleless looms.
  • Entrepreneur development programme.
  • Preparation of project proposals, model project reports and technical feasibility reports for weaving units under Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme.
  • Conducting in-house training programme for weaving units.
  • Physical testing of woven fabrics and defect analysis.
  • Training programme on fabric quality inspection and defect analysis.
  • Supervisory development programme.
  • Management development programme for sizing units.
  • Consultancy services, product development and sample weaving.
  • Machinery valuation.
  • Woven fabric defect analysis.

Knitting Division

The Knitting Division offers the following services:

  • Testing various quality parameters of knitted fabrics and garments.
  • Analysis of fabric faults.
  • Assessing the performance of hosiery yarns.
  • Offering consultancy regarding technical problems.
  • Conducting training programmes.
  • Studies on machinery valuation, machinery audit etc.