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The Liaison and Statistics division was one of the two divisions SITRA started with during inception. It had the objective of establishing productivity standards for the spinning industry and offering liaison services to SITRA’s member mills. Conducting inter-firm studies on costs and productivity areas of spinning mills was also part the department’s focus areas. In 1982, this division was bifurcated in to two divisions viz., i) Liaison and Consultation division (L&C) ii) Resource Management division (RM).

With the bifurcation, the department started carrying out a lot of consultancy activities for the spinning mills related to operational areas. In addition, the division also carries out the regular liaison services to SITRA member mills.

In the year 2008, the activities of Resource Management division which included conducting inter-firm surveys on productivity and financial performance of spinning mills and fixing productivity standards for spinning mills was tasked back to the L&C division.

The current activities of the L&C division are as follows :

1. Liaison visit to SITRA member mills
2. Offering consultancy services on operational areas such as Labour & machine productivity improvement studies, yarn realization & waste control, Techno-Economic viability studies, etc.
3. Conducting inter-firm surveys on productivity, costs and operational areas of spinning mills.

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