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1. PATENT NO.5183/CHE/2012 FILED ON 12.12.2012
A Method for Treating Effluent


2. PATENT NO.4988/CHE/2012
Automated Blood Penetration Resistance Tester

3. PATENT NO.201941033758 FILED ON 22.08.2019
Process of Manufacturing Breathable Viral Resistant Film and Laminates

4. PATENT NO.201941024305 FILED ON 19.06.2019
Functional Wound Dressing


5. PATENT NO.201841035065 FILED ON 18.09.2018
Preparation of Oxidized Cellulose Nanocrystals by Mineral Acid from Cellulosic Materials

6. PATENT NO.201941002887 FILED ON 24.01.2019
SITRA Fluid Handling Capacity Tester

7. PATENT NO.201941002817 FILED ON 23.01.2019
Splash Resistance Tester

8. PATENT NO.201941011854 FILED ON 27.03.2019
Low to highly exudating wound models and methods


9. PATENT NO.201941034173 FILED ON 24.08.2019
Development of Transdermal Patch for selected Cardiovascular Drugs



1. PATENT NO.98792 FILED ON 02.04.1965
Super drafting system for cotton or synthetic yarn

2. PATENT NO.111897 – 1967
Improvement in or relating to spindle crown for high speed spinning.

3. PATENT NO.118092 FILED ON 14.10.1968
A reeling machines.

4. PATENT NO.132844 FILED ON 08.09.1971
Improvement in or relating to the open end spinning of textile yarns.

5. PATENT NO.138452 FILED ON 07.07.1973
34/MAS/72 dt 21.11.72
Improvements in or relating to twisting of ply yarns
(Two for one Twister)

6. PATENT NO.114/MAS/73 FILED ON 13.08.1973 – (140521)
A chemical method of interfacial polymerisation of polyester & polyamides on the surface of the cellulosic fibres to prolong their wear life.

7. PATENT NO.20/MAS/74 FILED ON 11.02.1974 – (140581)
A machine for carrying out interfacial polymerisation of synthetics on the surface of spindle tapes.

8. PATENT NO.140/MAS/76 FILED ON 30.07.1976 – (144237)
A chemical method of interfacially depositing synthetic polymers into the cellulosic lattice so as to prolong cellulosic life.

9. PATENT NO.20/MAS/77 FILED ON 17.01.1977 – (147239)
Improvements in or relating to the winding of yarn from Hank to cone.

10. PATENT NO.48/MAS/78 FILED ON 01.04.1978 – (147996)
Improvements in or relating to web transfer mechanism in double carding.

11. PATENT NO.80/MAS/78 FILED ON 17.06.1978 – (148358)
Improvements in or relating to lickerin of carding engines

12. PATENT NO.16/MAS/79 FILED ON 30.01.1979 – (149121)
Device to feed yarns at controlled rates to the knitted elements in circular knitting machines.

13. PATENT NO.69/MAS/79 FILED ON 27.04.1979 – (149894)
Roller drive mechanism for producing fancy yarns on doubling machines.

14. PATENT NO.82/MAS/82 FILED ON 28.04.1982 – (156332)
A process and a machine for manufacturing improved suture threads and suture threads produced thereby.

15. PATENT NO.100/MAS/83 FILED ON 05.05.1983 – (158412)
A device for measuring stiffness or thickness of flat specimens (stiffness meter)

16. PATENT NO.199/MAS/83 FILED ON 16.09.1983 – (159771)
Improvements in or relating to spindle drive mechanism to ring spinning and doubling frames.

17. PATENT NO.836/MAS/85 FILED ON 09.10.1985 – (166673)
Improvements in or relating to CAM systems in weft knitting machines by the use of completely non-linear CAM profiles. Director, V.R.Sivakumar and P.Muthukumaraswamy.

18. PATENT NO.494/MAS/86 FILED ON 14.05.1986 – (167255)
A device for storage positive feeding of yarns at a predetermined controlled rate to the knitting elements on a circular weft knitting machine.
Director, S.Ramaswamy and P.Muthukumaraswamy.

19. PATENT NO.781/MAS/86 FILED ON 29.08.1986 – (167886)
A device for drawing off the fabric at a pre-determined constant tension from the knitting elements of hand operated flat knitting machine.

20. PATENT NO.616/MAS/86 FILED ON 02.07.1986 – (168072)
A device for measuring static & kinetic friction coefficient of yarn to yarn, filament to filament, fibre to fibre, yarn to metal and non-metallic surfaces.

21. PATENT NO.877/MAS/86 FILED ON 27.10.1986 – (168095)
A new loop forming elements to be applied on knitting machinery for the conversion of yarns into fabrics.

22. PATENT NO.213/MAS/87 FILED ON 16.03.1987 – (169991)
A machine for pre-cleaning of seed cotton to improve the quality of Indian cottons.

23. PATENT NO.541/MAS/87 FILED ON 29.07.1987 – (169938)
Development of permanent antibacterial finishing technique for cellulosic and cellulosic blended materials (SANTIMIT)

24. PATENT NO.619/MAS/87 FILED ON 31.07.1987 – (179901)
An electronic device for measuring static and kinetic friction co-efficient of yarn and filaments with respect to reference surfaces.

25. PATENT NO.857/MAS/87 FILED ON 30.11.1987 – (170522)
Linear profiled cam systems for operating the new loop forming elements to be applied on weft knitting machinery
for conversion of yarns into fabrics.
Director, S.Ramaswamy and P.Muthukumaraswamy.

26. PATENT NO.313/MAS/89 FILED ON 23.02.1989 – (173022)
A combined drop and mist lubrication device.

27. PATENT NO.626/MAS/90 FILED ON 02.07.1990 – (174964)
An enclosed humidified creel system for ring frame to improve upon the quality of yarn and spinning performance.

28. PATENT NO.660/MAS/91 FILED ON 27.08.1991 – (179490)
A high production machine for cleaning seed cotton – Kapas purifier to improve the quality of Indian cottons.

29. PATENT NO.898/MAS/91 FILED ON 05.12.1991 – (179454)
Acid treatment plant for treating top roller cots in textile machine.

30. PATENT NO.903/MAS/91 FILED ON 09.12.1991 – (180423)
An automatic cam mechanism to wind or roll a fixed length of thin material in multiple packages.

31. PATENT NO.78/MAS/1992 FILED ON 07.02.1992
A Gripping mechanism to hold bobbins (yarn carriers) on the ring spinning. Director and A.R.Kalyanaraman.

32. PATENT NO.83/MAS/92 FILED ON 11.02.1992 – (179471)
A mechanical swift collapsing arrangement to improve the material doffing efficiency of a reeling machine.

33. PATENT NO.493/MAS/92 FILED ON 20.07.1992 – (180834)
An improved wrapping machine and a method for making wrapped filaments and a wrapped filament made thereby.

34. PATENT NO.766/MAS/92 FILED ON 02.12.1992 – (181112)
A device and method for extracting fibre from fibre bearing plant materials and fibre extracted thereby.
Director, S.Ramaswamy and P.Muthukumaraswamy.

35. PATENT NO.11/MAS/93 FILED ON 29.12.1992 – (181119)
A device for feeding elastomeric yarn at constant rate to knitting elements of a knitting machine.

36. PATENT NO.76/MAS/93 FILED ON 19.12.1992 – (181146)
An instrument to estimate nepping potential of fibres.

37. PATENT NO.485/MAS/93 FILED ON 18.03.1993 – (181560)
Improved cutting machine assembly for cutting fibres, a method of producing cut fibres therewith and cut fibres produced thereby.

38. PATENT NO.711/MAS/93 FILED ON 18.03.1993 – (181309)
An improved device for and a method of making slivers from fibre blends and slivers made thereby.
Director and K.P.Chellamani.

39. PATENT NO.823/MAS/1993 FILED ON 18.11.1993
A device for and a method of spinning yarn from multiple rove ends and yarn spun thereby.
Director, K.P.Chellamani and A.Kanthimathinathan.

40. PATENT NO.831/MAS/1993 FILED ON 19.11.1993
A device for controlling fibre movement in the break draft zone of speed frames and speed frames provided with said device. Director, K.P.Chellamani and A.Kanthimathinathan.

41. PATENT NO.844/MAS/1993 FILED ON 24.11.1993
A device and a method for producing yarn of improved interface friction and interfibre cohesion and yarn produced thereby.
Director, K.P.Chellamani and A.Kanthimathinathan.

42. PATENT NO.881/MAS/1993 FILED ON 09.12.1993
A device for reducing long length thin faults of yarn in ring frames and ring frames provided with said device.
Director and K.P.Chellamani.

43. PATENT NO.292/MAS/1994 FILED ON 13.04.1994
A device for monitoring and estimating the quantum of suspended impurities like dust in a gas flow.
Director and P.Muthukumaraswamy.

44. PATENT NO.402/MAS/1994 FILED ON 13.05.1994
A device for measuring the friction existing between belts and contacting surfaces.
Director, AR.Kalyanaraman and R.Prakasam.

45. PATENT NO.503/MAS/1994 FILED ON 13.06.1994
Ring frames with improved drive mechanism; a method of producing yarn therewith, and yarn produced thereby.
Director, AR.Kalyanaraman, and P.Muthukumaraswamy

46. PATENT NO.520/MAS/1994 FILED ON 16.06.1994 – (183008)
An improved spindle and sleeve assembly for spinning yarn.
Director and P.Muthukumaraswamy.

47. PATENT NO.1000/MAS/1994 FILED ON 17.10.1994
Drawframe for sandwich blending of fibres, method of sandwich blending and drawing fibres therewith, and fibres drawn thereby.
Director, K.P.Chellamani and A.Kanthimathinathan.

48. PATENT NO.1185/MAS/1995 FILED ON 12.09.1995 (191408)
A solvent sizing process for improving the mechanical
properties of textile materials and textile materials obtained thereby.
Director and K.P.Janakiraman.

49. PATENT NO.198644 FILED ON 14.02.1997
A Spindle drive system for ring spinning and twisting machines.
Director, P.Muthukumaraswamy, N.Vasanthakumar and G.Ilango

50. PATENT NO.1848/MAS/1997 FILED ON 21.08.1997
A computer controlled device for measuring abrasion resistance of individual textile yarns.
Director, P.Muthukumaraswamy, and S.Sugumar.

51. PATENT NO.2841/MAS/1998 FILED ON 22.12.1998
A device for changing the spinning geometry of ring spinning machines.
Director, P.Muthukumaraswamy, R.Prakasam.

52. PATENT NO.207540 FILED ON 15.02.1999
A centrifugal fan impeller for efficient suction of gases and vapours.
Director, P.Muthukumaraswamy and R.Prakasam.

53. PATENT NO.495/MAS/2001 FILED ON 20.06.2001
An air jet nozzle assembly for attachment with manual cone winding machine.
Director, K.P.Chellamani, Debasis Chattopadhyay.

54. PATENT NO.537/MAS/2001 FILED ON 02.07.2001
A pneumafil suction tube for yarn spinning textile machinery.
Director, P.Muthukumaraswamy and R.Prakasam.

55. PATENT NO.851/MAS/2001 FILED ON 16.10.2001
A rapier drive system for shuttleless looms.
Director, Dr.S.S.Ramasamy.

56. PATENT NO.201024 FILED ON 07.01.2004
A method and a device for spinning yarn with reduced hairiness.
Dr.Arindam Basu, Director.

57. PATENT NO.648/CHE/2005 FILED ON 27.05.2005
A control system for humidification plant in textile industry.

58. PATENT NO.649/CHE/2005 FILED ON 27.05.2005 (257744)
A control system for collecting and discharging fibre wastes in textile industry.

59. PATENT NO.650/CHE/2005 FILED ON 27.05.2005
Energy efficient control system for overhead traveling cleaner (OHTC) in textile mills using programmable logic controllers (PLC) and position sensors.

60. PATENT NO.2323/CHE/2006 FILED ON 14.12.2006
An Instrument to Evaluate Processing Propensity of Fibres.

61. PATENT NO.2859/CHE/2007 FILED ON 30.11.2007
A method for treating waste cotton effulent from textile processing industry

62. PATENT NO.172/CHE/2008 DT. 21.01.2008
A Weavability Tester.

63. PATENT NO.528/CHE/2012 DT. 13.02.2012
Barb Creating Equipment to introduce Barbs on Monofilamen Suture.

64. PATENT NO.4988/CHE/2012 DT. 29.11.2012
Automated Blood Penetration Resistance Tester

65. PATENT NO.201741035683 DT. 09.10.2017
A Modification in the Drafting System of a Textile Spinning Machine
Dr.Prakash Vasudevan, Mr.Dhasarthi Jayaraman and Mr.Vijayan Vijayajothi.

66.PATENT NO.201741035681 DT. 09.10.2017
A New Technology for Trash Evaluation.
Dr.Prakash Vasudevan, Mr.Dhasarthi Jayaraman and Mr.Vijayan Vijayajothi

67.PATENT NO.201741033162 DT. 19.09.2017
Preparation of Oxidized Cellulose Nanocrystals by mineral acid from Cellulosic Materials Dr.S.Rajasekar, Dr.Ketan kumar Vadodaria

68. PATENT NO.201741033163 DT. 19.09.2017
Sonic Wave Extraction of Tannin Material in Powder Form from Anacardium Occidentale L.Nut Skin Testa.