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SITRA’s activities since its inception was centred around addressing the needs of the spinning mills which on areas like testing of fibre and yarn, labour and machine productivity, cost control, bench-marking of operational and technical parameters, training, etc. Accordingly, the department of Mechanical Processing, as this division was originally referred to, was established along with the Physics division in the year 1957. Later this division was bifurcated into two specialized division namely the Spinning division and the weaving and knitting division.

The Spinning division with a team of experienced technocrats having enormous experience of domestic and overseas units offers value added services such as Quality audit, Machinery audit, Quality oriented machinery audit for specific quality issues, Training and need based consultancy services.

The pilot mill which operates a part of this division houses all industrial model machinery to replicate a spinning mill for providing solutions on areas relating to product development and processing of range of fibres from cotton to unconventional natural fibres like Hemp, Flax, Banana, Milkweed fibre, recycled cotton and blends to help in evaluation of yarn quality and optimization of process parameters. Ti would help mills seeking the service to scale up similar processes in their mills.

Spinning division also carries out various R&D activities in areas relating to machinery modification for yarn quality improvement, evaluating fibre characteristics of the cotton varieties towards projecting their influence on yarn quality, relevance and impact of modernization in the spinning industry, etc.

Our Services to Spinning industry are as follows:

Quality audit

  • Quality control schedules
  • Man power requirement for quality control activities
  • Control on in-process material quality
  • Sampling techniques
  • Arriving at the achievable yarn quality
  • Process control measures

Tab Based Machinery Audit Software – Benefits

  • Overall rating is arrived
  • Components which would require immediate attention could be listed out
  • Decision on modernizing the machine and budgeting
  • Identification of machines/ components responsible for poor yarn quality
  • Re-visit the frequencies of maintenance schedules
  • Streamlining the material flow
  • Solution for quality related market

Machinery audit

  • Analysis of machinery condition
  • Maintenance schedules and its frequency
  • Man power requirement for maintenance activities
  • Maintenance records
  • Use of proper tools and lubricants
  • Maintenance work methods and house keeping

Other consultancy services

  • Problems solving
  • Process parameter optimization
  • Troubleshooting for adhoc problems
  • Yarn defect analysis
  • Friction Spinning —Concepts and applications
  • Technical support in processing non-conventional fibres and fancy yarn manufacturing
  • Periodic Technical Visit (PTV) services for quality, maintenance and production areas

Research & Development

  • Studies conducted in the field of effects of modern developments on fibre processing such as
  • Change in fibre parameters during processing especially in cards and in drafting
  • Effect of spindle speed on twist contraction levels
  • Studies on various topics in spinning for better understanding and suitable modifications in the existing system continuously.
  • Conducting trials for machinery/mechanisms development in collaboration with machinery manufacturers
  • Sponsored projects from MoT, KVIC, NJB, etc.