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SITRA – Centre Of Excellence For Medical Textiles

SITRA has been designated as a Centre of Excellence (COE) for Medical Textiles by the Office of the Textile Commissioner, Ministry of Textiles (MoT), Government of India under Mini Mission I of Technology Mission on Technical Textiles (TMTT) in recognition of excellent research accomplishments in the field of Medical textile industries. SITRA has set-up a state-of-the art facility for pilot scale manufacturing and quality evaluation of medical textile products. We have a dedicated group of textile technologists as well as experts in allied fields like Microbiology, Biotechnology and polymer chemistry to carry out research, training and consultancy to the textile industry as well fast emerging medical textile domains. The centre has served as a backbone for many businesses in the Medical Textiles market by providing technical assistance to many domestic and international manufacturers right from concept to product.

The centre with its well-equipped competency for Medical textile testing, established dedicated laboratories to suit different functional requirements.

COE Meditech Objectives

The activities of CoE-Medical Textiles are aimed to provide various services to industry / educational institutions / individuals as listed below:

  • Testing and Evaluation (Physics, Microbiology, Bio-Technology, Polymer)
  • Standard Formulation (BIS, International bodies)
  • Incubation Services
  • Detailed Project Reports (DPRs)
  • Pilot Scale Production (Medical/Technical Textile Products such as Face Mask, Sanitary Napkin, Surgical Gown, Wipes & many more)
  • Training and Seminar
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Testing Instrument / Product Machine – Technology Development
  • Prototype Development
  • Research and Development / Contract Research
  • Information Resources

Research Projects

SITRA COE Medical textiles division undertaking projects to develop innovative / functionality improved products/ instruments indigenously available at low cost for the industry / market. The division has developed products such as

  • Bifurcated Vascular Graft for replacing the damaged blood vessels
  • 3D compression bandages for Lymphedema
  • Spun-lace nonwoven wound dressings for malodour infected wounds
  • Breathable Surgical gowns treated with Nano Finishes
  • Barbed – bi-directional surgical sutures for knotless operation procedure
  • Hospital bed linens with enhanced thermal properties for coma patients
  • Chitosan coated cotton gauze for improved wound healing process
  • Rotator cuff repair devices for repairing rotator cuff
  • Collagen coated Hernia Mesh for improved biocompatibility
  • Insole line for diabetic shoes
  • 3D compression bandages for Lymphedema treatment
  • Cut resistant fabrics for producing garment and gloves for handling sharp objects
  • Breathable Viral Barrier Film for producing the comfortable surgical gown / Coverall
  • Transdermal Patches for controlled release of drug
  • Natural polymer based Nano-membranes for treating burn wounds
  • Haemostatic sponges for treating gunshot wounds
  • Embroidery based wound care products to induce angiogenesis in wound healing process
  • Leukodepletion Blood Filter for removing leukocytes from blood and its components before blood transfusion
  • Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) Filter for ICU breathing circuit
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
  • Clinical Heart patch fabrics
  • Evaluation of comfort index for surgical gown, hotel bedlinen, sports wear

Ongoing Projects

  • Design and development of facile high throughput needleless electro spinning set – up

Contract Research

Contract research projects are 60% sponsored by Ministry of Textiles and 40% by Industry. There are currently two contract research projects in progress.

1. Development of Collagen coated hernia mesh along with Cologenesis Health Care Pvt Ltd as industry partner.
2. Development of mopping pad using non-woven and woven structures with care med as industry partner.

FOR MORE DETAILS, Please contact:

Mr. S. Sivakumar,
Head – Chemistry and CoE Medical Textiles,
E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

CoE Medical Textiles Training Division,

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