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The division commenced its operation in 1957 when it was started as the mechanical processing division. The division’s objectives were to cater for the needs of the spinning, weaving and knitting industries on areas like testing of fabrics, labour and machine productivity, cost control, bench-marking of operational and technical parameters, training, etc.

The weaving division with a team of experienced technocrats having enormous experience in dealing with the needs of woven and knitted industry, both in the organized and decentralized sectors, offers wide ranging services value added services such as Quality audit, Machinery audit, Quality oriented machinery audit for specific quality issues, defect analysis of yarns and fabrics, Training and need based consultancy services.

The Weaving and knitting division encompasses a weaving shed with Single yarn warping, sizing and pilot weaving machine for fabric reengineering, sample development, industrial shuttle less weaving machines for bulk production, training for floor level and new entrepreneurs as well as knitting lab with Knitting machines of 20, 24 & 28 inch gauge machines for sample development. Also a separate wing in knitting has been created for analyzing the defects in yarn, woven, knitted and other wet processing faults. This wing consists of experts in weaving, knitting and wet processing having more than two decades of experience in their respective field. They will analyse thoroughly for the maximum possible evidences for the root cause of the problem and gave the report with possible solutions to solve the problems.

Our Knitting division has state of art commercial warping and warp knitting machines for manufacturing filament warp knitted spacer fabrics.

Our Services to Weaving and Knitting industry are as follows: