SITRA Goes Online

13. 07. 01
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Want to enhance your commercial efficiency?

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   Monthly online survey of raw material cost and yarn selling price

SITRA has launched a unique “Online survey of raw material cost and yarn selling price” from April 2013. 
Around 100 mills from different parts of the country are taking part in this online survey every month.

Salient features of the survey

· This “Online survey” is the first-of-its kind from SITRA

· It covers mill-wise and count-wise yarn selling price (YSP) and corresponding raw material cost (RMC) (Clean material) as  well as yarn quality. Each participant mill can submit these data for up to 10 counts. 

· The survey report (in pdf) is being uploaded in the web portal on or before 21st of every month, which can be viewed at any time. The past reports can also be viewed at any time. 

· It would enable a participant mill to compare its RMC, YSP, Net output value (NOV), conversion cost as well as yarn quality with other mills every month. 

· Trend in the movement of YSP and RMC between months (for popular counts) is being highlighted every month. 

· Data entry is made very simple. It will take only 15-20 minutes to enter one month data, that too any time during the 1st to 7th of every month. 

· The identity of the participant mills will be kept confidential. 

A nominal fee will be collected from the participant mills. 

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