Recruitment and Training Aids

13. 07. 05
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Aptitude test kit 

SITRA�s aptitude tests are exclusively designed to meet the specific requirements of assessing the ability or aptitude of employees to do the expected activities in various departments of textile mills. These tests are being effectively used by around 175 mills for the selection of employees�.

The Aptitude tests measure whether an individual has the capacity or latent ability to learn and perform a given job if adequate training is provided. The Aptitude Test Kit consists of 3 sub tests namely, Rate of Manipulation Board, Finger Dexterity and Nail Stick Test which ensure that persons being tested posses the necessary attributes for textile mill working namely, visual acuity, two hand co-ordination, finger dexterity, eye and hand co-ordination, quick reaction time etc. Norms are provided giving guidelines to mills in the selection process.

sitra Aptitude test kit

Also available with the Test Kit is an adapted version of Isihara's Color Blindness test which enables screening of persons with suspected colour blindness.

DVDs on work methods 

Low production rates, higher wastages and poor quality are often a result of bad/wrong work practices adopted by the operatives on the job. The extent of savings that a mill can get is tremendous by training the operatives on the right means of work. A broad coverage of the right work practices to be followed by the operatives in various departments is made in SITRAs series Video Cassettes on Work Methods of Spinning Mills Operatives which are available in three volumes.

sitra workmethods dvd

A new version of multimedia training materials, in DVD format, for the benefit of spinning mill operatives has been released by SITRA. Like the earlier version of VCDs released by SITRA, this DVD version also will serve as a handy tool for spinning mills to educate operatives on the right ways and means of working in spinning mills. All departments, from mixing to reeling, are covered. The highlight of the DVD is the option available to users to select any of the 5 languages voice-over namely, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. An English version of DVDs is also available separately.