Textile Engineering

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The Textile Engineering & Instrumentation Division offers the following services. 

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3. Other Studies

Power Quality Audit

Power Quality Audit identifies any invisible loss present in the electrical system due to defective supply source, distribution network and special equipment: reason out the causes for frequent equipment failure, capacitor de-ration, motor over-heating etc., In this audit, power quality in terms of voltage, frequency and current and its variations/fluctuations, wave shape distortion, harmonics, unbalance, if any, will be checked in all important nodes in mill supply source, transmission and distribution net-work. It also includes suitable suggestions for subsequent rectification in the electrical network.

Humidification Study

Humidification is an important supportive activity for the production of yarns and fabrics. With reference to energy cost, it consumes nearly 15%-20% of the total power bill of the mill. SITRA has been conducting in-depth analysis on the humidification system of textile mills in the following aspects:

  • Detailed heat load analysis in different departments.
  • Plant capacity requirement with respect to supply, exhaust and pumping system.
  • Design of the humidification plants.
  • Design of the supply air ducts and diffusers.
  • Design of the exhaust air trenches and floor grills.
  • Pattern of temperature and humidity inside the departments.
  • Loading of the motors in the humidification plants.
  • Air distribution pattern inside the departments.
  • Recommended lay-out for the supply and exhaust system for uniform distribution of air.