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The following categories of regular membership are available:

1. FULL MEMBER - Textile units situated in SITRA Region can become full members

2. ASSOCIATE MEMBER - Textile units situated outside SITRA Region as well as in foreign countries may become associate members

Membership benefits

The membership facilities as well as services available to full members and associate members are identical except that associate members do not have any voting rights.

Salient features of membership facilities:

  1. Entitlement to publications-all research/study reports, SITRA News, Trends, Focus etc. are sent to members at free of cost.
  2. Liaison visits in the case of member mills within the country, will be made free of cost. In the case of Overseas members, all travelling and halting expenses for such visits will have to be borne by the concerned mills.
  3. Inter-firm studies on Financial Performance and Productivity will be made available at free of cost.
  4. Other services testing, training and consultancy are offered on priority, at concessional rates.

SITRA has a well-stocked library containing more than 23000 books and bound volumes of periodicals and has been receiving over 230 journals. Two library cards are made available to members for borrowing books.

Membership fees

The following are the fees payable by members:

  1. The financial year of SITRA commences from 1st April.
  2. Capital/annual recurring contributions are levied on the basis of installed capacity and not on working capacity.
  3. The above contributions are also payable on any subsequent increase in the installed capacity at the rates prevailing at that time.
  4. Packing/forwarding expenses for SITRA publications, for members outside India Rs 2500 per annum.
  5. In order to register any addition or deletion of spindles deployed in the mills, a copy of certified Annual Return is requested from the respective mill.


Limited membership facilities are extended to Small Scale Spinning Mills, Allied and Non-Textile units under Technical Service Card.

The fees structure of Technical Service Card are as follows.

1. For Small Spinning Mills - Rs 4000/annum (plus 14% service tax)

   (below 10000 spindles  capacity)

2. For Allied and Non-Textile units

For relevant application form to enrol as SITRA regular member or to be admitted as Technical Service Card Holder, please click the appropriate entry from the following list and forward it to SITRA after duly completing.

Membership Form

TSC : Small Spinning mills

TSC : Allied and Non-Textile units