26th Quality Survey - Survey on the quality of single compact yarns

SITRA has a long history of helping the mills in achieving world class quality standards by providing them Scientific test results and analysis. SITRA has been carrying out survey of quality of yarns for many years.

Similarly, it has been decided to undertake a survey on the quality of compact yarns this year. The results of this survey will act as benchmark for the Indian textiles industry and will be very much helpful for the participating mills. This study will include results of Single yarn strength, Elongation at break, CSP, Unevenness, Yarn Imperfections, yarn Hairiness and Infrequent yarn faults (Classimat Faults) of the yarns. The details of raw materials (AFIS results) used and process parameters will be collected and will be included in the final report. This will be an useful information to mills to improve their quality of yarn by suitably modifying their process.