Completed Projects

13. 06. 22
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Sponsored by Ministry of Textiles, Government of india

  1. Development of spunlace non - woven wound dressings using bamboo fibres.

  2. Development of barbed, bi-directional surgical sutures.

  3. Development of spun silk garments made of hollow yarns.

  4. Breathability of Woven Surgical Gowns Treated with Nano Finishes (Anti – Microbial & Blood – repellent finishes).

  5. Development of specialty 3D compression bandage for Lymphedema.

  6. Cut-resistant technical fabrics using Spectra filament Yarns.

  7. Development of Bifurcated vascular grafts.

  8. Design and Development of a hernia mesh.

  9. Development of functional spacer fabrics for medical inlays in orthopedic shoes.

  10. Evaluation of knitting behavior and performance of knitted fabrics during garment manufacturing using artificial neural network.

  11. Interaction of the properties of individual cotton fibres in a blend.

  12. A study on chromium contamination in ginned lint due to chrome composite leather clad rollers in ginneries.

  13. Disposal or processing of textile sludge.

  14. Online monitoring of yarn quality on weft knitting machines.

  15. Development of energy efficient twisting system for two for one twisters.

  16. Development of a technology package for speciality polyester fibres.

  17. A study on the influence of fibre and yarn parameters on lint shedding propensity.

  18. Design and development of energy management information system for textile textile industry  phase II.   A study on Extra Sensitive yarn imperfections on Fabric Appearance.

  19. Development of a Compact yarn spinning system for yarn quality improvement.

  20. Design and Fabrication of Different Types of Flat Tops for Carding and Use of Vario comb in Combers for Removal of Smaller Size Neps Towards Producing Yarns Meeting International Quality Standards.

  21. Development of Fire Resistant Yarns and Fabric Using Air-jet Spinning Technology.

  22. Design and Development on Low Cost Shuttleless Loom for Decentralised Power loom Sector.

  23. Optimization of Inter Roller Distance of Draw Frames, Speed Frames and Ring Frames based on AFIS Length Data.

  24. Yarn Quality Improvement with an Airjet Attachment in Cone Winder.

  25. Development of a Computerized System for Marker Making in Garment Industry.

  26. Detection and Standardisation of Sensitizing Disperse Dyes by Chromatographic Techniques.

  27. Development of an attachment for producing elastane core yarn on rotor spinning machine.