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Productivity Survey in Spinning Mills

32nd productivity survey bookProductivity improvement in member mills has been an integral part of SITRAs services right from its establishment in 1956. In fact, the first SITRA productivity survey was conducted in 1956. SITRA productivity surveys have been very popular among mills. As many as 200 to 280 mills participated in each of the surveys conducted in the last 2 decades. Also, mills from all over the country and a few from abroad took part in these studies.

SITRA has pioneered in the development of methodology of productivity measurement in spinning. In 1959, the concept of standard mill was introduced, the standard mill representing the productivity levels in the top 10% of the mills at a given time. Along with this was also developed the procedure for converting the various productivity parameters to 40s count. Conversion to a common count enables valid comparisons to be made of productivity of mills producing different counts. A given mill can also make valid comparisons of its productivity between different periods regardless of the differences in counts produced.

SITRA also defined and introduced various productivity parameters from time to time to pinpoint the impact of various factors on a mills productivity and costs, and the inter-relationships among them. This has helped mills to identify the factors responsible for lower productivity and take measures to improve. In fact, these parameters have become part of mill managements and technicians day-to-day vocabulary.

The standards are revised from time to time so that they continue to reflect the top 10% productivity levels. Since 1956 the labour productivity up to spinning in the industry has increased by about 500% which represents a compounded annual growth rate of more than 3.4%.

Besides sending individual mill reports to each participating mill which highlights its productivity performance and pinpointing the areas of short-fall, SITRA has also been publishing, after each survey, a comprehensive report comparing the figures for all the mills that participated in that survey. Since 2000, an interactive CD-ROM containing the individual mill productivity performance figures is also provided to the participating mills.

SITRA has also published the Norms for Productivity in Spinning. The publication is very popular, and updated regularly with new additions. The last updated edition was brought out in 2010. More than 30,000 copies have been sold since the first edition which appeared in 1976. SITRAs book on Productivity in Spinning won the Century Mills Best Book Award for the year 1997.