Mandatory Energy Audit

13. 06. 22
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The Government of Tamil Nadu has made energy audit mandatory in all High Tension Industrial and Commercial Establishment as per G.O.Ms.No.72, dated 10.5.1996. SITRA has been recognized as one of the approved and authorized energy auditors for conducting energy audit in High Tension Industries by the Government of Tamil Nadu. The Govt. of Kerala has also permitted SITRA to conduct the energy audit in the High Tension Industries. The scope of the mandatory energy audit in textile mills broadly includes the following aspects:

  • Production and energy consumption of different textile machines.

  • Specific energy consumption and standards for textile mills.

  • Instrumentation for energy data acquisition / monitoring and recording.

  • Maintenance management of electrical installation, productive and non-productive machines.

  • Present status of Energy Conservation Programme.

  • Short-term and long-term measures for energy conservation with/without financial commitments and pay-back period.