Annual Consultancy Service

13. 07. 01
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Annual Consultancy Service (ACS) for Humidification Plants and Compressors humidificationplant

SITRA Engineering Division has now initiated the above new service for the benefit of spinning mills. compressors

Humidification plants account for about 15% to 20% of the total power consumed in spinning mills, while air compressors account for about 6%. A modern spinning mill of 25,000 spindles consumes about 1,50,000 units of electricity per month for Humidification alone and about 45,000 units for air compressors. 

Use of compressed air is increasing day-by-day in textile mills leading to increase in energy consumption. Studies reveal that the efficiency of the compressed air system is below 20%, with 80% of the energy utilized for generating compressed air being converted into heat energy. So it is vital to reduce the losses in compressed air. 

Towards this, SITRA has conducted many studies on the energy consumption of air compressors. It is found that many mills are not earnest about monitoring the energy consumption pattern, which leads to huge losses. A machinery manufacturer’s claim of air consumption of individual machines and the measured actual consumption varies widely. This apart, there is a wide variation amongst mills in the consumption pattern after one or two years, due to the maintenance practices followed and care taken to arrest air leakages. Improper maintenance and the inability to realize the resultant energy loss leads mills increase the compressor capacity.

Analysis of the date generated through SITRA Energy audits show that there is huge potential for energy savings in the humidification system and air compressors used in textile mills.

Keeping the above in mind, SITRA is introducing an exclusive service - “Annual Consultancy Service (ACS)” - for humidification plants and compressed air system which will provide continuous and long term benefits to the mills.